Trans Vaginal Mesh


If you or a loved one has had Trans Vaginal Mesh implanted in the past TEN YEARS and have suffered complications due to the Mesh Device, please allow us to review your claim. There is no-cost or obligation.NOTE: The legal action is ONLY against the manufacturer of the Mesh Device. This legal action will NOT impact your relationship with your medical care providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics) at all.

ALSO NOTE: The only time the lawyer gets paid is if/when the lawyer gets you compensated for your pain and suffering. At that time the lawyer gets a percentage (Contingency Fee) and you get the larger remaining portion (Lion’s Share). If the lawyer is unsuccessful for any reason and there is no compensation to you, you owe the lawyer nothing. This legal action will NOT put you at any financial risk at all, so please complete the form and receive a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

Trans Vaginal Mesh

  • Also, was the Health Insurance under your name or under your spouce's name?
    Was the surgery a success?
  • What was the doctor's name and what town is the doctor's office located in?
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